Critical Insights from the Josh Bersin-Growthspace Webinar

Mar 08 2023
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Josh Bersin and Growthspace recently teamed up for a fascinating webinar about the most vital L&D issues of today. To sum it up briefly: it’s not going to be business as usual. There are fundamental changes happening to the learning and development industry on a global level. 

The Industry Is Not Prepared

PwC recently found that almost half of CEOs don’t believe that their organization will be economically feasible in the long term. Drastic moves are needed today to survive tomorrow. Where HR/L&D is concerned, this will mean a continuous and dynamic effort to give employees the right skills for this challenge. 

But we’re not there yet. Despite massive spending on corporate training, employees don’t feel as though they have the necessary skills. 

“Growth Is What Matters Most”

To find an answer to this hurdle, the Bersin Company conducted a survey to examine L&D practices at over 1,000 companies. It found that successful organizations focus on professional growth, where the organization and individual employees work together to build mutually beneficial, highly valuable skills tied to business KPIs.

Only 11% of companies reach this level of maturity, but they enjoy huge benefits when they get there. Organizations that strive for this type of growth must invest in employee upskilling and performance management. 

Growthspace Is Already There

The tools needed by “growth companies” already exist. Bersin describes Growthspace as a mastery-based learning platform that enables personalized and measurable employee development at scale. With Growthspace, companies of any size can find the right global experts to train employees for highly-specialized hard and soft skills. In economic uncertainty and change companies need to be able to depend on rapid agility in learning and development to support their evolving business strategies.

To illustrate the power of the Growthspace platform, Cognyte, a Growthspace client, presented their employee development KPIs, As a result of working with Growthspace, Cognyte achieved its internal KPIs of creating individual development plans for 90% of its high performers and significantly improving engagement while reducing attrition.

Get All the Insights

Want to hear what Josh Bersin and other experts had to say about Mastery-based learning platforms and the future of L&D? Check out our bitesize report on the webinar. In it, you’ll also get the details of how Growthspace is enabling our clients to deliver business results.

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