Employee development

At scale, driven by data

For the first time in HR history,
we've created the employee development platform
that brings the power of data to personalized
learning and development (L&D).
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Say goodbye to pouring budget into training programs with unknown results.
Say hello to an algorithm-powered system backed by real-world skill mapping that ensures the perfect match between employees and experts. Every time.

Data-driven decisions

Intelligent employee
development requires data from both participants and managers.
We source that information
and put it at your fingertips, allowing you to make better
decisions about who needs
what training input.

Get instant access
to a large variety of experts

All GrowthSpace clients gain access to our carefully curated application-only talent network comprised of certified coaches, mentors and trainers with deep-running industry experience.

Measure impact
On business kPis

We tap into measurement where it makes sense - by asking managers about the impact the programs are having on their employees’ capabilities.

Turn your L&D operation INto a wonderful experience

Simplify Your L&D Program Rollout

GrowthSpace takes the entire employee development universe and makes it instantly accessible, including one-to-one mentoring, coaching, and group sessions.
GrowthSpace’s cloud-based dashboard lets you initiate and monitor your employee development program from any internet-connected location on the planet. Say goodbye to tedious interview processes and hello to AI-backed life-changing development matches.

SAY Hello To Your L&D Third Hand

GrowthSpace is the magic third hand that can boost the effectiveness of your employee development.
With built-in automation allowing intelligent training matches to happen in minutes rather than hours, as well as missed session alerts to inform about training gaps before it’s too late, GrowthSpace frees up HR time from focusing on day to day details.
Watch lives and careers be transformed instead.

An L&D Tool That Looks Like It Was Built By You

GrowthSpace can customize its leading L&D platform to your organization’s exact styling and branding requirements. White-labelling options include customized email templates and palette modification. (White labelling may incur additional development charges).

How it works


Define the scope of your L&D program

Tell us what population you’d like to grow & their specific needs

Select business challenges

define the business superpower you’d like each one to achieve

We’ll handle
the matchmaking

Our magical algorithm will pair
each employee with the perfect expert

Get your learning hats on
(group or 1X1)

We organize the program, schedule the session and make sure everything works out

Assess the impact
& get smarter

Measurement enables you to get better every time.
A/B test and iterate what works.

We're building the world's most accurate L&D platform


Each expert is tagged according to their nunique expertise and previouis seccesses


We find the ideal expert for you according to your business


The employee and the expert meet online and the magic happens


Measurement helps you see the impact and get better every time

Ready to see what growth
can do for your company?