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What drives us?

Growthspace was founded on the belief that L&D is a business-critical function that is instrumental to the success of any organization.

The unfortunate reality is that many organizations still do not recognize L&D as such, because it is hard to understand the true impact of L&D initiatives on business KPIs. Businesses lack visibility and the tools  to measure and demonstrate the impact on business KPIs. This can result in difficulties securing budget, de-prioritization of L&D programs, and low adoption and engagement.

Here’s how we make an impact where conventional L&D solutions fall short


Growthspace is a one  stop shop that includes a myriad of L&D programs and formats. The platform provides flexibility to reallocate spend according to organizational needs or other drivers and ensure easy scalability.

Diverse global experts

Growthspace works with 2,000+ professionals with expertise across a wide range of subjects to create best-fit matches for every participant. Matching accuracy stands at over 95% with global accessibility at your fingertips!

Outcome-driven programs

Skills training, coaching, workshops, and mentorship programs are customized, delivered in sprints and designed to address core business KPIs, while empowering participants to achieve their career goals.


Unlike most L&D providers, which rely on self-reported progress and satisfaction surveys, we take a data-driven approach to quantifying impact so you can measure accurate ROI and demonstrate direct impact on the employee as well as the business.

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