Nov 21, 2021

80% Of Your Employees May Be Not Seeing Value From Your L&D Program. Here's A Way To Change That.

80% Of Your Employees May Be Not Seeing Value From Your L&D Program. Here's A Way To Change That.

At GrowthSpace, we work hand-in-hand with learning and development (L&D)  and organizational development (OD) professionals from around the world.

A core part of our mission statement makes L&D a value for every employee, not matter their department. It's what drives us to continue building the most comprehensive L&D toolkit platform the market has ever seen. And we don't only sell to L&D specialists, we work with them too.

The taxonomy that we've built to laser-focus on exactly what skills employees need help with —and which matches them with the perfect experts to get past those challenges—was developed in close consultation with experts drawn from the L&D world.

Most Employees May Be Getting No Value From Your L&D Program (As In, Almost Zero)

When Degreed and Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning went out to survey what workers really thought about their organizations' L&D efforts they came back with some surprising findings.

"Only one out of every five people are promoters for their organization's L&D."

While L&D promoters and detractors varied greatly in how they perceived their organizations' approach to L&D, globally, only one out of every five employees surveyed was a promoter for their organization's L&D. The dissatisfaction that the surveyors uncovered with organizations' L&D deployment represents a serious concern for those in HR. The report also found that 54% of workforce will require "significant upskilling" within the next five years while 80% believe that more innovation is needed in the L&D space."

Employees clearly need upskilling—in today's competitive environment who could live without it?—but many are also not connecting with the resources that their organizations are making available for them.

For HR, this means there's an ongoing threat to employee retention that simply isn't being adequately addressed. Unsurprisingly therefore when employees were asked where they would actually turn in order to upskill themselves, organizations' own L&D programs got an overall low rating: 65% said that they would access specific websites like YouTube in order to acquire the skills they needed 62% would tap into their professional networks Only 37% would access organizational resources such as a learning management system (LMS) or formal L&D program* (*Findings: Degreed / Harvard Business Publishing) But what can we make of all this data?

Employees Are Humans In An Office

No, we're not trying to be funny. But bear with us for a moment to hear our point. When it comes to obtaining professional skills needed to advance their careers, employees will turn to the resources that they're most familiar with and which address their challenges in the most direct way possible. That means that they'll start with what they're trying to achieve and then find the best solution possible. Virtually everybody knows how to type a search query into Google. And so employees will go looking for the kind of resources that they're familiar with. Employees want to share a sense of ownership over the L&D process. Those who do feel more committed to it. We can learn a couple more things from these findings: To a large extent, employees want to share a sense of ownership over the L&D process. Many employees know what skillsets they need to develop in order to succeed in their organizations and professional. Those who feel a greater sense of ownership over the L&D process are likely to be more committed to it. Employees utilize a diverse set of tools in order to obtain the information that they need to overcome whatever obstacles stand between them and professional success. Employees start with a challenge and then find the best way to obtain the information needed to overcome it. Employees Need Personalized Training That Is Modality-Agnostic.

We've Built A Platform To Deliver It

GrowthSpace Learning & Development Program

At GrowthSpace, we've listened to both L&D participants and those structuring the programs in order to develop an understanding—one which we're always improving on—of how L&D can be done better. Because what we're hearing from many employees is that it has to be done better. And that's why we built a platform that addresses the above challenges.

At GrowthSpace, we start by looking at challenges—just as employees do when they're typing their pain points into Google and searching for solutions. Which is why when employees get onboarded as participants to GrowthSpace, we ask them to describe the kind of challenges they're experiencing in their own words. Just as they would if they were typing into a search engine. Our system then goes one step further and loops managers into the discussion so that employees, and those managing them, can align around growth plans. HR professionals gain administrative access in order to orchestrate the entire process. Then we bake in measurement to make sure that growth is really happening where everybody wants it to.

At GrowthSpace, we also believe in growth that's modality-agnostic. Firstly, we look at what challenges need to be addressed. Then we find the best way to solve them. Unlike conventional L&D, we look at each employee's objectives and then find the best solution for their needs.

Personalization And Scale

At GrowthSpace, we realize that many HR teams aren't managing development for ten employees. They're trying to roll it out for ten thousand! That's why our platform was designed to work at enterprise levels of scale from day one. And to do this we leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Our platform leverages a proprietary AI-backed algorithm in order to make personalized growth possible. It taps into an L&D skills taxonomy that we developed in house in consultation with industry experts. And when the two meet in the middle, great matches happen. That's how we've taken personalized L&D and brought it to scale. Our matching technology has been deployed in enterprise-sized install bases.

Supported delivery methods include:

Mentoring Coaching
Better L&D
More Engaged Participants

At GrowthSpace, we're working hard to bridge the gap between the kind of L&D experience that employees have been asking for and the one that —until now—it was a logistical nightmare for L&D teams to actually deliver. Because let's face it, ineffective L&D that can't be measured works for nobody: not L&D. And not employees.
We've taken the L&D toolkit and boxed it into one convenient online platform that your HR staff can access from anywhere with an internet connection—including their home if they're working remotely.

GrowthSpace has developed an L&D platform that delivers individualized programs on a wide scale. It’s no longer necessary to put workers who want development initiatives into one basket and give them a learning program that does not focus on the needs of each individual. Nor is it required to save the specialized guidance for senior staffers only.
Spreadsheets for managing vendors? You can probably wish those an (unfond) goodbye. We're bringing personalized scaled-up growth where it's never gone before, including to enterprise organizations across North America. We'd love to share in our growth journey with you.

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