GrowthSpace Launches the First Multi-experience Talent Development Platform

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The time has arrived for the “D” in L&D to step into the limelight and take a seat at the business table. It is with pride and excitement that we officially announce the first multi-experience talent development platform. While other solutions offer one or several types of experiences, GrowthSpace offers the complete package of essential experiences needed to build outcome-driven talent development programs, in our modular and completely customizable platform. With measurable talent development results, HR leadership can bring impactful programs to their employees, as well as elevate the business value of HR within their organizations. 

Outcome-driven from beginning to end

HR leaders face multiple challenges when it comes to L&D. One of the most prominent and often considered insurmountable issues is the difficulty in proving the impact of talent development programs on business objectives. For the first time, HR leaders and L&D professionals can design programs for their employees that begin with the question ‘what is the desired outcome for my organization?’ Rather than simply focusing on an individual’s goals, and only after implementation, hoping to see a desired business outcome, the GrowthSpace process starts with business goals first. Based on the desired outcome, leaders design employee programs, mixing and matching from all of the three offering categories, in order to create a completely unique and customized program to drive success.

1:1 experiences connect employees with the best experts the world has to offer

In order to truly realize the potential of every employee, L&D professionals are tasked with providing experts to both inspire and train their people. This has proven to be extremely challenging, both in terms of sourcing quality experts, but also in measuring the true impact of their sessions. Our platform’s algorithm matches individuals with world-class coaches, mentors, and trainers. These experiences provide intensive, personalized talent development to ensure employees can improve their career path success, increase their productivity and success. This multifaceted offering is essential to optimizing employee performance and building the next tier of top talent.

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Internal mentoring nurtures a culture of paying it forward

Sometimes the most inspirational and practical experts for employees are homegrown. With internal mentoring, HR leaders can leverage and empower their own experts to upskill, reskill and master succession planning by investing in the next generation of leadership. Organizational goals and unique company values can be communicated and enabled through GrowthSpace’s seamless space for internal mentors to pay it forward.

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Group experiences enhance talent development with team development

HR leaders and L&D professionals shouldn’t be limited by only having one on one experiences in their toolkits. Group coaching, lectures and workshops are essential for enriching company culture, increasing team-work skills, and accelerating business growth. The plethora of different group experiences range include the topics that are in high demand today – from leadership skills to managing remote teams to DEI in the workplace. These are the experiences that can catalyze individuals and teams to drive impactful business results.

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People are multidimensional. Talent development should be too.

The evolution of talent development continues, and business leaders are now able to develop, manage, and measure their programs to directly influence business performance. GrowthSpace customer Cognyte shared how the multi-experience platform is transforming their L&D. “Working with GrowthSpace has opened up so many growth opportunities for us. We have an array of ready-to-use talent development solutions to tackle any challenge and allow us to support and track progress for everything that happens worldwide.”

Wondering how multi-experience talent development can impact your bottom line? Get started now.

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