[Webinar] Take Us to Your Leaders: Leadership Development in the Face of Uncertainty

Jul 27 2022
2 min read
[Webinar] Take Us to Your Leaders: Leadership Development in the Face of Uncertainty

It’s a BANI world and we’re living in it. BANI, a standing for Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear, and Incomprehensible, is the new way of describing our current situation: A world of uncertainty and constant change. After the post-pandemic boom, we’re now at risk of a recession. Both organizations and people are fragile, fear an unknown future, and exist in a world that feels more chaotic than any time in our current era. Developing our leaders and supporting employees couldn’t be more important than it is today.

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The fear-mongering is real – but is the recession?

BANI and Leadership Development

In our recent webinar, we discussed how the BANI framework can help HR and L&D teams create stronger leaders in order to be ready for whatever comes our way. Today we continue to struggle with the effects of the Great Resignation and an ever-fluctuating job market. While economic uncertainty can always impact an organization, developing the right people, at the right time, for the right role with the right skills, is the only way we can achieve our set KPIs and continue to do great work.

GS BANI Resilience leadership development skills
GrowthSpace Skills Taxonomy for the BANI framework

The top soft skills most important to beating BANI today fall under a wider skillset that includes communications, management, and leadership and include almost all soft skills. Once you’ve identified what skills your employees need to build organizational resilience, you can build customized leadership development programs targeted at developing these specific skills for your leaders. And GrowthSpace platform is designed for these exact needs. 

Watch the webinar below and take away:

  • Which approaches should HR and L&D prioritize when it comes to talent development
  • The importance of using skills-mapping when it comes to developing your key talents
  • A new roadmap for leadership development
  • What you can do today to start building organizational resilience

P.S. This is part one of a 3-series Webinar Masterclass on Organizational Development in Times of Macroeconomic Uncertainty. Stay tuned for your invite to the next webinar around Internal Mentoring on September 20th!

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