2022 Workplace Predictions from GrowthSpace CEO Omer Glass

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GrowthSpace CEO Omer Glass was recently interviewed for Forbes magazine, offering insight into the current state of the workplace.  Included in the article are Omer’s predictions for what work and L&D will look like in 2022. Here they are:

Workplace Predictions for 2022

The Great Resignation Will End

After two consecutive years of major shifts in the employee market, 2022 will see a settling down period; employees will seek a more permanent role.

The Effects of the Past Two Years Will Make a Lasting Impression

The work landscape has been irreparably altered and companies will focus their efforts on L&D, as a reaction to this new career environment.

Companies — Both Big and Small — Will Transform How They Approach L&D

Focusing on human-led development that relies more heavily on data and is more closely linked to business KPIs.

Hybrid Roles will Continue to Develop and Evolve

Companies aiming to head back to the office may re-evaluate, as they discover difficulties in attracting top talent.

Leaders Will Need to Operate with a Beginner’s Mindset

They’ll be in constant learning mode, to best adjust to this new and surreal work environment that is quickly pushing companies into uncharted territories.

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Read the full post on Forbes here.

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