Top ‘Building Your Leadership Style’ Experts of the Month

May 18 2022
3 min read
Top 'Building Your Leadership Style' Experts of the Month

GrowthSpace is lucky enough to have the top experts from around the world available for our customers. These experts enable the personalized, professional development that is so highly rated and beloved by our users. Each month, we feature the top-rated experts from a different L&D program offering to show our appreciation and shine a much-deserved spotlight on our experts’ unique styles.

For May, we’re focusing on our top-rated experts specializing in helping leaders build their leadership style. These awesome experts help those in leadership or those who’d like to be leaders find the best way of leading that works for them and those they’ll lead.

We asked each expert for their ‘North Star’ – the guidance our experts follow that keeps them on their path and helps their coachees discover their path to leadership success.

And now (drumroll, please!), meet our Top Leadership Style experts for the month!

Esmerelda Garcia

Esmeralda Garcia


My North Star is empowering leaders to make conscious choices from a place of courage and purpose. What guides my coaching philosophy is my belief that we are all works in progress and that what got us here won’t take us to another place. We are all work in progress, and if we want to see a change, we need to be the change we want to see, holding ourselves accountable for that.

Tracy Nicholas

Tracy Nicholas


My North Star is living my core values – balance, contribution, connection, and growth – and helping others define and live their own.

Melanie Vargas

Melanie Vargas


My North Star is helping leaders and teams access their potential and create actionable change.

Nishi Ayer

Nishi Ayer, MBA, M.Soc Sc, PCC


My North Star is believing that everyone has greatness within them and my role as a coach is to enable this greatness. I create a safe yet challenging environment where my clients have the space to explore the beliefs that are keeping them stuck and work with them to explore workplace challenges and opportunities to help them co-create strategies for a thriving future.

Joanne Newborn

Joanne Newborn, MBA, ACC


My North Star is “vision.” Leaders – and everyone is a leader from Individual Contributors to the C-suite – have the ability to create limitless possibilities – and it begins when their vision is clearly defined and aligned with their organization’s vision. Vision is where I begin for myself and for everyone I work with.

Yagev Ben Itzhak

Yagev Ben Itzhak


My North Star consists of 2 Chinese Proverbs:

 – There are three essentials to leadership: clarity, humility and courage
 – Not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow

Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson


My North Star is always leveraging the interplay between Vision (setting Direction and Purpose), Leadership (building Capabilities and Alignment), and Execution (Extreme Customer Focus and Goal Achievement). 
I do this by providing a balance of coaching and mentoring to empower clients to address their priorities and challenges.

Cristina Ursu

Cristina Ursu


My North Star is connection. If we are able to connect as human beings, understand each other, and speak the same language, then half of the work is done 😊

Joanne Korman Goldman, PCC

Joanne Korman Goldman, CVPCC, PCC


My North Star is helping build your leadership style so you gain clarity and confidence in yourself as a leader resulting in greater impact.

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