Top 5 Key Takeaways from “Global L&D Unlocked” with Sean Conley

Erin Biehl
Erin Biehl
Feb 01 2024
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Top 5 Key Takeaways from

The “Global L&D Unlocked: Easy, Engaging, and Impactful Strategies” webinar, part of the 30 Minutes of Growth series presented by Growthspace, featured Baker Hughes Chief Learning Officer, Sean Conley, and Growthspace CEO, Omer Glass with Erin Biehl moderating. This session offered profound insights into crafting effective L&D strategies for a global workforce. Here are the 5 key takeaways from the event:

1. Focus on Easy, Engaging, and Impactful Learning Initiatives
Sean highlighted the critical nature of creating engaging learning experiences, questioning, “Are you fully present and interacting with fellow learners?” Sean emphasized the ultimate goal of L&D endeavors: to effect meaningful behavioral change. This impact happens when learning efforts are easy and engaging.

2. Leverage Human-to-Human Connections
Emphasizing the critical role of human connections in learning, Sean noted, “It’s that human connection with people, and genuinely caring about your colleagues in your company, in the environment and society, that’s what bridges time zones, countries, languages, is the is connecting with individuals.” 

3. Measure Impact on Business Metrics
Omer discussed the importance of aligning L&D initiatives with business objectives that are already being measured. “You want to see that you’re moving a needle.” This approach ensures that learning efforts are beneficial for both individual development and the organization’s strategic goals.

4. Adopt a Global Mindset for Consistent Learning Experiences
The panelists highlighted the need for consistent and inclusive learning experiences across a multinational workforce. Omer’s commitment to global learning was clear: “Whatever you apply, should apply everywhere. Because that’s how you build culture and culture needs to be inclusive.” This statement underlines the necessity for L&D programs that resonate across diverse cultures and geographies.

5. Anticipate and Adapt to Future Trends
The future of L&D was a key discussion point, with the panelists emphasizing the importance of adaptability and alignment with business KPIs. Sean provided a critical observation on applying learned knowledge: “The easiest thing to do with that knowledge is nothing,” urging professionals to implement new skills proactively to drive meaningful change.

Watch the webinar on-demand here:

The “Global L&D Unlocked: Easy, Engaging, and Impactful Strategies” webinar, as part of the “30 Minutes of Growth” series, provided actionable insights for developing learning experiences that are not only informative but also transformational. By focusing on easy, engaging, and impactful learning, leveraging human connections, aligning with business metrics, adopting a global mindset, and preparing for future trends, L&D professionals can foster an environment conducive to personal and organizational growth and success.

Erin Biehl
Erin Biehl
Over the past 20 years, Erin Biehl has led teams in the education, hospitality, and technology sectors, excelling in customer success and as a Learning & Development manager. In her L&D role, she designed a leadership framework and developed a comprehensive L&D program for a global company from scratch. Certified as both a DISC and change management facilitator, Erin merges her professional expertise with her academic background, holding a degree in education. Beyond work, her enthusiasm for teaching shines through as a group fitness instructor, specializing in barre and dance classes. Also, a proud mom to her son and two lovable pups, Erin relishes her family life in the beautiful state of Maine

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