Our Top 10 Productivity Experts of the Month

Apr 06 2022
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Our Top 10 Productivity Experts of the Month

At GrowthSpace, we’re lucky enough to offer our customers the top experts from around the world. They enable the personalized, professional development that is so highly rated and beloved by our users. To show our gratitude to our most highly-rated experts, we’re starting a new feature: Experts of the Month. Each month we’ll focus on a different skill set and highlight the top-rated (by our users!) experts in that specialty.

For April, we’re focusing on our experts who specialize in developing productivity skills – in a month of growth in nature, it’s easy to get distracted with some fun in the sun. These 10 experts keep our customers’ employees on track, offering the tools and know-how to become more productive employees.

We asked each expert for their ‘North Star’ – the guidance they follow themselves that keeps them on their path.

So, without further ado, here are our Top 10 Productivity Experts for April!


Andrea Mia Groder


My North Star is identifying core issues or blocks then co-creating new visions and planning how to get there.


Lois Barth


My North Star is championing heart-centered go-getters to move from “chronic busyness to experience greater impact and productivity.

I do this by helping them clarify and honor their top priorities, set boundaries, manage expectations, and deal with stress and distractions.


Benny Meshy


My North Star is always looking for a new perspective that challenges existing assumptions, and that’s what I’m trying to get my consultants to do.


Elisha Klein


My North Star is this sentence from Leo Babauta “Simplicity boils down to two steps: identify the essential and eliminate the rest.

The way I integrate this into my coaching is by first helping the client to figure out what their crisp outcome goal is and what the keys are to making that change.

After that, we want to completely focus on the consistent implementation of those key practical steps.


Cindy Saunders


My North Star is my belief in each person’s innate ability to act on their “best self directs me to
1) deeply listen for context in their situation;
2) respond with tailored guidance, tools, and support; and
3) lead them to a place of confidence that enables them to sustain ongoing development.


Rona Florio


My North Star is that we each have a greater Genius that lies within us and our work is to develop the awareness, mindset, and behaviors to access our Genius so that we perform at our best more consistently––gaining energy, confidence, and fulfillment in the process.


Ori Bar-On


My North Star: Let your core values and natural strengths guide you on junctures of transformation in your life.

As a career coach, I help people discover internal freedom and the capacity to fulfill their greatest development goals and dreams.


Anne Gelebart


My North Star is my search for balance. Improving our well-being and our relationships is a prerequisite for greater performance.


Smadar Ratzon


My North Star is helping you be more productive through focusing, finding your values, strengths, passion, creating work-life balance, and having the energy to make your impact.


Graziella Lamot


My North Star is my belief that people have enormous potential.

Whatever the goal, I strive to empower people to reach their potential while achieving balance in their lives.

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