Helping Organizations Retain Talent through Personalized L&D

Dec 19 2021
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Helping Organizations Retain Talent through Personalized L&D

It’s been a busy and inspiring year here at GrowthSpace. Between closing a $15 million Series A investment round in May, co-led by Microsoft’s M12 and Vertex Ventures, adding new customers including Siemens, and expanding our pool of experts by 50%, we’re excited to see where 2022 takes us.

Satisfying both Employees and Employers

We’re seeing more and more organizations understand the importance of measurable L&D programs for all employees, especially in the wake of COVID and as The Great Resignation continues. A full 96% of employees who’ve gone through our sprints have said their GrowthSpace program have reported improvement, and 80% of direct managers noted that their business KPIs have noticeably improved.

As one of our customers, Michelle Corbett, Director of People at Earthbound told us:

“With GrowthSpace, I can offer an incredible executive coaching experience to members of our team who wouldn’t typically be eligible. As a small company with a small HR team, GrowthSpace has given us the power to develop our employees and invest in their personal and professional growth. What’s more, the response has been incredible, and the quality of the experts and engagements is top-notch. I recommend GrowthSpace as a ‘must-have’ tool for employee development.”

Keeping Up with the KPIs

The Great Resignation or The Talent Reshuffle, depending on how you look at it, has certainly disrupted an already chaotic business world. But GrowthSpace is keeping up with the pace of change by constantly adding new hard and soft competencies as we recruit new top-tier experts from around the world. Our comprehensive L&D platform allows companies to measure their employees’ success by benchmarking progress before, during and after each employee sprint. With our available skill competencies increasing all the time, we’re positioned to help industries and employees often excluded from L&D programs.

Perhaps our CEO, Omer Glass, put it best:

“The fast pace of achievement here at GrowthSpace is thrilling but not surprising, given that we’re the first in the market to offer a data-driven and quick time to value approach. I am proud of our team because we have proven our solution. Growth with our existing customers, as well as the potential for entering new markets, has GrowthSpace poised for an exciting future in 2022 and beyond. We are now developing significant customer interest from verticals like mining, retail, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences, as well as hospitality, healthcare, telecom, and the consumer packaged goods industries.”

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GrowthSpace founders Dan Terner, Omer Glass, Izhak Kedar

Read more about our rapid momentum in our recent PR:

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