Growth, Unlocked: Our $25M Series B funding round – and a big thank you

Aug 17 2022
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Growth, Unlocked: Our $25M Series B funding round - and a big thank you

As a company, GrowthSpace has a strong focus on growth, and it drives the majority of our activities. Business growth, personal growth, professional growth – we’re passionate about them all. I’ve seen our team, customers, and experts grow over the past 4 years – and now we’ve grown in a different way. 

We’re thrilled to announce our Series B funding round of $25 million, which will allow us to further expand our team, continue to refine our platform, and develop new and improved opportunities for employee growth and talent management. This funding round was led by Oren Zeev, to whom we’re incredibly grateful, enabling us to continue partnering with hundreds of forward-thinking companies who strive to invest in their employees’ futures and drive business growth with the help of our outcome-focused talent development platform.

It’s no coincidence that this funding round came during a tumultuous time in the economy: Organizations are realizing the incredible potential of data-driven, high-impact talent development and how crucial it is to retain, engage, and develop your employees to grow with your business goals and meet your KPIs. Our platform is designed to enable all employees to enjoy the benefits of measurable outcomes aligned to KPIs with L&D programs that include over 70 areas of expertise. While changes to the workplace over the last few years have been accelerated and unpredictable, one thing remains constant: The need to invest in and develop employees from day one. 

L&D is just starting to realize the benefits of AI, and it couldn’t be a more meaningful time to help solve the challenge of keeping and engaging your talent. Recruiting and retaining talent has never been more critical than it is today, especially in today’s competitive and volatile environment. As the world redefines the workplace, GrowthSpace has made it our mission to democratize learning and development for employees at all levels of an organization. 

Companies need to understand their employees’ skill gaps and professional goals and connect them with the right experts that will help them develop the soft skills they need in order to reach both their goals as well as the greater organizational targets. We built the GrowthSpace platform to empower HR and L&D professionals in creating impactful, measurable initiatives that create value for the organization as a whole and for individual employees. Today, employees want to feel valued and be valuable to their organization, and the GrowthSpace platform enables them to do just that. 

We wouldn’t be here today if not for our customers, experts, and investors who believe in our mission and help make it a reality for thousands of employees worldwide. This is also a win for the GrowthSpace team, my colleagues, around the world. I’m personally so incredibly grateful for all your support, guidance, and hard work in getting GrowthSpace where we are today and where we’ll go together in the future. It’s been an exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all. 

May the #growth be with you!

Omer Glass

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