[Case Study] Keeping Employees Motivated with One-on-One L&D

Jan 11 2022
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[Case Study] Keeping Employees Motivated with One-on-One L&D

When your company is consistently rated as one of the top places to work, you shouldn’t need L&D programs, right? Wrong! Learning and development initiatives are critical for any company, big or small, successful or…less than successful. Fyber is in the former category, and yet their L&D initiatives created an even tighter company culture with an emphasis on professional growth and development. Read on for the full success story!


Consistently ranked as one of the leading high-tech companies to work for by Dun & Bradstreet, Fyber doesn’t have much of an employee churn problem. With offices in Israel, Berlin, London, San Francisco, New York City, Beijing, and Seoul, Fyber has 250 employees around the world. So while employees were used to communicating virtually with their global coworkers, COVID and the ensuing remote work environment prompted the company to ramp up employee support and development.

The Challenge

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The challenge Fyber was facing was that employees were finding it difficult to find their career path and move up in the company. So even with high employee satisfaction, the organization wanted to keep employees engaged and help them develop the soft skills needed for internal mobility. So when Tzurit Golan, SVP of HR heard about GrowthSpace, she shared her new finding with Liat Shwartz, Fyber’s Director of Organizational Development.

Before this, Fyber had not offered L&D programs to employees. The move towards L&D programs was fueled by Fyber’s desire to invest in their employees, and increase retention and engagement during the pandemic. Fyber also wanted to emphasize the importance of personal development by giving employees the tools needed to succeed in their current and future roles

The Solution

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Fyber rolled out its’ “Grow Yourself” program in mid-2020, offering employees with over a year of tenure at the company three development tracks, with workshops and lectures available to all employees.

Sessions with GrowthSpace experts were offered for qualified employees and were a major hit with both leadership and employees. With a choice of five topics: Communication, Time Management, Management, Leadership, and an open option for more specific skills, 60 Fyber employees were chosen for four to five online sessions with their personal expert. The participants were matched through GrowthSpace’s AI-powered algorithm, ensuring each employee was paired with the right expert, with managers involved in monitoring their employee progress.

The participants reported back near-perfect progress, at 97%, while the overall employee satisfaction rate was 98%. One of the major benefits of GrowthSpace’s virtual, worldwide group of experts was that a German employee was able to find a German-speaking expert for his challenge, ensuring nothing was lost in translation.

The programs’ two other paths, internal mentoring and “Day in the Life”, enable employees to gain personal experience and join their leaders in how their leaders work for insights into what their future success could look like. Together, the holistic Fyber ‘Grow Yourself’ program was a major success, keeping employees motivated, especially during difficult times when other companies were struggling with attrition and lack of engagement.


  • Progress on goals (employee): 96% positive
  • NPS (employees): 97% positive
  • Employee experience: 98% positive
  • 30% of Fyber employees have been promoted or transferred to a new position within the company

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Why GrowthSpace

  • Ideal L&D platform for global organizations, with experts around the world – in 40 countries, speaking over 50 languages
  • The fully virtual platform enables employees to easily meet with the experts best suited for them, no matter where each is located or the challenge the employee’s faces
  • GrowthSpace’s platform fits perfectly with their desire to provide growth opportunities for their employees during difficult times, keeping engagement high and employees motivated

About Fyber

Fyber, part of Digital Turbine’s independent Mobile Growth Platform, develops innovative ad monetization solutions trusted by top mobile game and app publishers. Fyber’s product suite – FairBid mediation, Fyber Marketplace, and Offer Wall Edge, were built with performance, scale, and transparency in mind.

Fyber’s products offer publishers a trusted, unconflicted alternative that drives superior results by creating an optimal connection between mobile audiences, top brands, and mobile-first advertisers across over 40Bn daily ad opportunities.

Download the case study as a PDF here.

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