[Case Study] Fostering an Employee Growth Mindset at Taboola

Feb 16 2022
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[Case Study] Fostering an Employee Growth Mindset at Taboola

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Taboola is the world’s largest discovery platform, serving 360 billion content recommendations monthly through exclusive partnerships with top publishers. As a growing company, Taboola knew they needed to implement an employee learning and development program and set forth to find the perfect solution for over 1,000 Taboola employees.

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The Challenge 

With a rapidly growing employee base, Taboola sought to introduce an L&D program that extended beyond managers and executives and addressed the challenges employees were facing. Finding the right solution was a difficult task. Many of the development programs were just not scalable for the growing company and ambitious L&D program, and some of the experts would be great – if they were anywhere close to Taboola’s headquarters in Tel Aviv and New York City or its’ satellite offices around the world.

Taboola’s L&D programs are overseen by the Talent Development Team. In their search for the right solution, the team was on the hunt for a platform that was designed with a philosophy that mirrored their own approach to growth: seeing it as more a mindset than a challenge.

Taboola also needed a scalable platform with automated onboarding and expert-employee match-making that enabled sustainable employee development without the L&D team needing to approve and monitor each employee.

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The Solution

After an initial pilot with another provider, Taboola began with a pilot deployment of the GrowthSpace platform for a 100 person cohort, focusing on driving growth and development in the R&D department. After the successful pilot, Taboola implemented the platform for the organization as a whole.

The GrowthSpace platform enabled Taboola to create unique upskilling programs for each participating employee, which focused on mostly individual contributors with a few first-level managers. AI and GrowthSpace’s advanced taxonomy matched each employee with the most appropriate expert who can help them overcome their specific professional challenges. The comprehensive onboarding process ensured that the expert focused on the right skills for each participant.

Part of GrowthSpace’s methodology includes gathering feedback from both employees and their managers mid-way through the program and after it concludes, ensuring the individual program is on track and that future programs are further optimized using their invaluable feedback. The L&D team had total access to oversee employee progress through the administrative dashboard, and managers had access to their own dashboard to track their employees’ progress along the way.

With the time saved by the platform’s analytics and feedback gathering, the L&D team can focus on more advanced talent mapping. Easily identifying rising stars and exemplary employees helps them know who are prime candidates for professional development. Today, the company has had around 300 participants go through sprints and ‘graduate’ through the program and has increased the number of seats available for additional employees to participate.


  • 300 GrowthSpace sprints completed
  • The average rating over 2+ years is 4.5
  • Taboola has scaled employee development 3X within the existing budget
  • As a result, the L&D team no longer needs to source experts on their own and spends considerably less time on employee onboarding to the program

Why GrowthSpace

  • The 3-month average for sprints enables quick yet significant improvements in employee’s work in a short time
  • Mid- and end-program feedback allow for easier, automatic tracking of progress for measurable and attainable results
  • The admin dashboard offers easy visibility and automated alerts ensure no participant gets overlooked during sprints
  • Localized high-quality professional development in 40+ languages around the world are ideal for the international company
  • The platforms’ scalability means no matter how many employees Taboola has, each can still enjoy a personalized experience with the same high-quality the first participants enjoyed

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About Taboola

Taboola (NASDAQ: TBLA) is the world’s largest content discovery and native advertising platform that recently launched publicly on the NASDAQ. Taboola is a global organization with resources spread across 18 sites worldwide and more than 1,400 employees. Taboola continues working on new technologies that will help people find what’s interesting and new wherever they are.

Download the designed PDF here.

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