Growthspace Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams: Personalized Human-to-Human Development in the Flow of Work

March 11, 2024

Today, Growthspace, a leading Human-to-Human Development platform, delivering scalable coaching, mentoring, and workshops, announced a dynamic integration with Microsoft Teams. This latest collaboration aims to streamline professional growth for employees and teams globally, ensuring they achieve their business objectives with increased convenience and efficiency.

The new Growthspace app designed for Microsoft Teams goes the extra mile in helping users remain proactive in their growth journeys. The integration delivers real-time notifications and reminders right within the Teams environment. Whether it’s prompting users to undertake crucial tasks, schedule mentorship meetings, or offer constructive feedback, everything is now a click away.

"Our primary objective with this integration is to enable development in the flow of work, and minimize friction for our valued users who are already leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams," says Growthspace CEO Omer Glass. "By positioning Growthspace within the Teams ecosystem, we're ensuring that users don't have to toggle between platforms or learn new technology. We are right where they are."

Features of the Growthspace integration with Microsoft Teams include:

Real-time Notifications: Users can stay updated and on track with instant notifications about 1:1 growth programs.

Schedule & Synch: Seamlessly schedule, reschedule, and synchronize mentorship meetings without leaving the platform.

Feedback Mechanism: Provide immediate feedback, ensuring a two-way communication channel for continuous improvement.

Growthspace believes in enhancing user experience by reducing technological barriers. The new integration underscores this commitment, ensuring users have everything they need for their professional growth within an environment they're familiar with.

“The Growthspace integration with Microsoft Teams will provide new ways to help a development journey for those using Microsoft Teams that’s more effective and impactful," says Michelle Gonzales, Corporate Vice President & Head of M12. “This integration isn't just about convenience; it's about redefining the way we approach professional growth."

Discover the Growthspace difference

Discover the Growthspace difference

Discover the Growthspace difference

Discover the Growthspace difference