[Video Podcast] One-on-One Impact with GrowthSpace

Table of Contents

Recently, GrowthSpace CEO Omer Glass sat across the screen with Christopher Lind on his LinkedIn Podcast Show, ‘Learning Tech Talks’. Centered around GrowthSpace’s mission to democratize professional development that’s real, reliable, and relevant, the two discussed our origins, how to properly deploy and internally promote professional growth programs, and how platforms like GrowthSpace streamline the process in multiple ways.  

They also talked about the importance of manager involvement in their employee’s growth along with the manager’s role in L&D and how the pandemic pushed organizations to adopt virtual learning and development solutions, which is ideal both in lockdown and post-pandemic because of the wider pool of available experts you can find online versus local experts. Christopher and Omer also dug into how GrowthSpace matches experts and participants and how the personalized sprints GrowthSpace participants experience generate measurable results for the employee and organization and what that means for HR and leadership.

See Christopher’s blog with links to listen as a podcast here.