Growth Space Subprocessors

Effective: Jan 2024

Growth Space Ltd. (or one of its affiliates listed below), may engage and use data processors with access to certain customer data (each, a “Subprocessor”) to assist it with the technical management and provision of its Services.

This page details the identity, location and role of each Subprocessor. Terms used in this page but not defined have the meaning set forth in the Terms of Service available at (or if applicable, a superseding written agreement between Customer and GrowthSpace or a GrowthSpace affiliate).

Technical Subprocessors

GrowthSpace uses technical Subprocessors to provide infrastructure services, help provide customer support, email notifications, and other technical functions.  

Entity NameHosting Site/LocationsNature/Purpose of ProcessingPersonal Data Being Processed
Google LLCSwitzerlandHosting and processing dataUser identifiers, interaction data, and any user-generated content stored or processed through our services.
Twilio Inc.AWS (US)User email addresses, data integration details, and metadata required for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) operations.User email addresses, email content, and metadata associated with communications.
Cronofy Ltd.AWS (US)Scheduling capabilities within the AppUser email addresses, calendar entries, meeting details, and preferences related to scheduling.
RIVERY TECHNOLOGIES LTDAWS (US)ETL ServicesUser email addresses, data integration details, and metadata required for Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) operations.
Snowflake Inc.GCP (Netherlands)Data Warehouse storageStructured and unstructured datasets, including user identifiers and transactional data stored in the data warehouse.
RETOOL ARCHITECTURE LTDAWS (US)Providing application development servicesUser email addresses and data related to application development activities and requests.
Mixpanel, Inc.GCP (Netherlands)Analyzing and tracking user data in the AppUser interaction data, event logs, and behavioral data for analytics purposes.
MongoDB, Inc.GCP (Netherlands)Database StorageDocuments, records, and operational data stored within the database, including user-generated content.
ATLASSIAN CORPORATION LIMITEDAWS (EU)Managing and tracking of TicketsUser email addresses, ticket content, communication logs, and issue tracking data.
Zoho Corporation Private LimitedAWS (US)Providing customer supportUser email addresses, support tickets, communication history, and feedback for customer support services.
HUBSPOT UK HOLDINGS LIMITEDGCP (EU)CRM, Supporting marketing and sales activitiesUser email addresses, contact details, interaction histories, and preferences related to marketing and sales activities.

Experts as Subprocessors

GrowthSpace matches global Experts with Customer’s participants to provide various talent development services and shares specific Customer’s data with the matched Expert for the purpose of provision of services.  As the list of matched Experts is specific per Customer and its participants, experts are not listed in this page. Before provision of services to a Customer, the relevant Expert that is a part of our experts’ pool is matched and confirmed by each Customer and their relevant participants. 

GrowthSpace Affiliates

Depending on the geographic location of a Customer or their participants, GrowthSpace may also engage one or more of its affiliates as Subprocessors to deliver some of the Services.

The following is a list of our affiliates.

Growth Space Ltd.Israel
GrowthSpace Inc.US
Growth Space CA Inc.Canada


GrowthSpace always strives to improve and grow, the Subprocessors we engage may also change from time to time. Please check back frequently for updates or subscribe to receive notifications by sending an email to “[email protected]” with the subject “SUBSCRIPTION TO SUB-PROCESSORS NOTIFICATION”.

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