Build skills and knowledge side by side

Leverage cohort-based workshops to grow expertise around a common area of interest, hosted by domain experts of your choice.

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Real results from real people

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Growthspace’s solution helped us address development gaps within our high-potential group, connecting development to specific business goals and achieving results”

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 with Growthspace promotable  82%

Use the power of a group setting to enhance abilities 

Workshops are an ideal environment for creating discussions and gaining skills centered on a wide range of topics cooperatively set by you and the expert.

Through Growthspace, you’ll gain access to top subject matter experts and convenient courses that feature feedback, reporting, and customization options.

Learn the latest

Work with experts steeped in the most recent concepts and topics across 80 hard skills and power skills. 

Gain economies of scale

Boost efficiency by engaging multiple employees with similar learning objectives.

Inspire interaction

Spark conversations to enable wide participation, diverse perspectives and efficient adoption.

How it works

Cohort-based workshops host groups of up to 15 participants who have the same development needs. Experts are provided by Growthspace but approved by you after the first prep session.

Together with the expert, you decide on the topic, schedule, and length of engagement. The Growthspace platform handles promotion and sign-up, plus monitoring, reporting, insights and impact.

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With Growthspace’s
cohort-based workshops, you can

Foster support and learning together

Say goodbye to the self-paced dynamic with a fluid, challenging, and collective learning environment. By gathering employees with the same interests in the same place, you’ll create an exciting and more immersive experience. 

Enjoy all-around convenience

Through a single platform, all stakeholders can manage their part of the program. Growthspace provides access to more than 2,000 vetted experts, among them the workshop hosts that you’ll love to learn from. Your leaders and HR teams can also view and manage essential workshop functions from the Growthspace dashboard.   

Real results from real people

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It prepared me for my next (career) step, and I couldn’t have done so
without it.”

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