Individual Growth programs

Personalized learning for every employee

Move the needle on targeted KPIs for individual employees, at scale, through 1-on-1 mastery-based learning programs.

Personalized learning for every employee

Real results from real people

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Working with Growthspace has opened up so many growth opportunities for us! We can address varied employees’ development needs with personalized programs, no matter where they are. It’s reassuring to know we have an array of ready-to-use talent development solutions to tackle any challenge and allow us to support and track progress for everything that happens worldwide. Growthspace ensures we deliver a quality learning experience to personalized needs quickly

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Nir Tidhar

Global L&D Director at Cognyte

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Bring out the best in each and every employee

Our advanced 1-on-1 programs will match your employees with world-class coaches, mentors, and trainers that have proven experience in delivering results in line with your KPIs.
So that your employees can meet their personal and professional goals – while you meet your business ones.


Work on power skills to help your people maximize their potential and impact.


Learn best practices and develop problem-solving skills from the world’s top professionals.


Develop specific capabilities to keep employees up to date with changing skill needs.

How it works

Using our 2,000+ network of Growth Experts we’ll help you create 1-on-1 training, coaching, and mentoring programs for every employee, at scale.

All Growthspace individual growth programs are conducted in “sprints” – 5 weekly 1-hour sessions to drive noticeable impact in the fastest time.

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With Growthspace’s 1-on-1
employee growth programs you can

Match every challenge with the best-fit solution

With an entire toolkit of training, coaching, and mentoring programs at your fingertips – coupled with our powerful engine that matches participants with 95% accuracy – you always have the perfect tool to tackle any business need, from upskilling and improving productivity to elevating retention.

Match every challenge with the best fit solution

Manage and measure all your programs from one centralized solution

Growthspace enables you to design, launch, and manage all your employee growth programs from a single platform. From choosing coaches, mentors, and trainers, to collecting feedback, saving you precious time and effort, so you can focus on making a real business impact.

Manage and measure all your programs from one centralized solution

Real results from real people

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We found that the women who’ve gone or are going through a sprint are more confident in anything they do. With Growthspace, we can easily connect both women and men to the right expert for their challenges, based on their manager’s feedback, and we immediately start noticing changes. Between increased confidence, especially for women, and the skills learned through their sprints, it’s been a dream and a true win-win for all. We truly find that after five meetings, employees and their managers see positive changes in the employee’s work, and for me, that’s the sweet spot.

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Galit Gold

EVP of Human Resources, Mend

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