Jun 30, 2021

How We've Fostered A Growth-Loving, Remote-Friendly Culture At GrowthSpace

At GrowthSpace, we've worked hard to cultivate an internal culture that celebrates our shared mission towards growth. Here's how.
How We've Fostered A Growth-Loving, Remote-Friendly Culture At GrowthSpace

If you've been following GrowthSpace on one of our social media channels (if not, consider doing so on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) then you've probably been hearing lots about how we're on a mission to bring personalized scaled-up employee development where it's never gone before.

Of course, because we're focused on bringing better L&D across North America and the world, we've decided to embrace growth as one of our culture's centerpoints. Both due to circumstance (the pandemic!) and because we think it's an amazing way to work, we're also a fully hybrid organization.
We have team members spread out over two different continents and while everybody who can is encouraged to check in at our office (when it's safe to do so, of course) we also spend a lot of time coordinating projects on Zoom and Slack. If you've ever wondered how a company dedicated to making growth happen does growth itself then ... wonder no more for we're about to reveal our playbook.

We Provide Mentoring To Every Employee — From Day One At GrowthSpace, we're deeply passionate about helping companies find a way to bring really great employee development to all of their employees. It's what we do. We believe that there's greatness in everyone—from the entry level through to the C-suite. And that's why our platform is designed to help HR departments not have to choose between rolling out growth for everybody and providing development initiatives that are also highly personalized.
With GrowthSpace, you can have both! Naturally, we also invest in growing our own resources. We operate an internal mentorship program called GrowIn to make sure that we don't just bring growth to our customers—we grow right along with you. Every new GrowthSpacer is matched with a team member who can complement their strengths and help them overcome whatever professional obstacles they feel might be standing between them and realizing their professional potential. You could say that co-growing is a part of our day to day. We Like To Open Meetings With "How Can I Help You Grow Today?" While we're not quite as big as some of our clients (yet!), we're also a diverse team with resources helping out with marketing, sales, customer success, and support.

A key part of our culture is finding ways in which we can help each other perform our roles better. We recognize that no single department — or employee — operates in a vacuum. Which is why we encourage all of our team members to understand that we're batting for the same team. We've found a few great ways to help foster this internally. One of them is encouraging all of our employees to open conversations by asking, mindfully, how they can help their colleagues grow today.

GrowthSpacers often tell us that it's their preferred way to kick off a conversation with colleagues.
We're Remote-Friendly And Bond Wherever We Can GrowthSpace is a remote-friendly company (and if you happen to be a remote-friendly sales professional, check out our latest vacancy). A challenge inherent in scaling a business during the current global health crisis has been finding ways to make sure that our growth culture spreads between continents and stays cohesive. Like many businesses, our team members meet regularly to discuss projects (although we have team members who prefer asynchronous communication methods and empower them to communicate however works best for them.) After business has been discussed, we encourage team members to stick around for a chat.

During our biweekly sales-marketing sync meeting, for instance, we have a 10 minute group reflection during which team members (note: we've heard at least one staff member call them 'co-growers'!) share interesting details about their personalities and how they've grown as a human since we last met. We Keep Our Eyes Open For Growth-Lovers Most GrowthSpacers have a shared commitment to growth. Typically, this manifests in both our personal and professional lives. Some of us have completed taxing AWS cloud certifications. Others are pushing boundaries in what they do with their careers. We play off one another's energy all the time. We're working on a brand new look for this website. But if you want to keep on top of opportunities at GrowthSpace, keep an eye on this blog and our LinkedIn page. Whatever role you're applying for, sharing our love of growth would certainly be advantageous.

At GrowthSpace, we grow as a team. We growth with our customers. And we'd be happy to grow with you. It's a shared mission and we believe we can all come out stronger from it. If you're interested in learning more, consider booking a demo.