Elevating Leadership Development at PayPal: Strategies for Focused and Impactful Learning

Erin Biehl
Erin Biehl
Apr 10 2024
3 min read
Elevating Leadership Development at PayPal: Strategies for Focused and Impactful Learning

On April 3, 2024, the riveting fireside chat “Elevating Leadership Development at PayPal: Strategies for Focused and Impactful Learning” took place, offering a deep dive into PayPal’s innovative approach to leadership development. Hosted by Matt Pittman, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, the session boasted insights from Kendra Goldbas, Global Head of Learning and Development at PayPal, and Omer Glass, CEO and Co-Founder of Growthspace. Here are some takeaways from the conversation:

Identifying Crucial Learning Moments

Kendra Goldbas emphasized the importance of honing in on crucial career milestones, explaining how PayPal strategically supports employees through these transitions to foster a culture deeply rooted in continuous learning. “Identifying these pivotal moments allows us to design our learning initiatives around the real, tangible needs of our employees, significantly enhancing their growth and development,” Goldbas stated.

Precision Skill Development through External Expertise

Omer Glass shed light on the critical role of precision and customization in learning initiatives. Growthspace’s unique model leverages external expertise to elevate managerial effectiveness, a strategy that has proven indispensable to PayPal’s L&D framework. “The targeted approach we take ensures that each individual receives the learning support tailored specifically to their needs, making a measurable impact on their professional journey,” Glass mentioned.

Cultivating a Continuous Learning Environment

Both Goldbas and Glass underscored the significance of creating an environment that champions ongoing learning. “At PayPal, we’re committed to embedding learning into our corporate DNA, ensuring every employee feels empowered to pursue their developmental paths,” Goldbas remarked.

Leveraging Data for Tailored Learning Strategies

The strategic application of data to shape and refine L&D initiatives was a key discussion point. Goldbas highlighted how data-driven insights allow for the customization of learning programs, ensuring they’re in alignment with both individual and organizational goals.

Realizing the Business Impact of Learning Initiatives

Goldbas provided insights into the tangible benefits observed from PayPal’s managerial development program, noting enhanced engagement and reduced attrition rates among participants. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the real value of our focused learning strategies in driving business outcomes,” she shared.

Enhanced Managerial Engagement through Growthspace Collaboration

The collaboration with Growthspace emerged as a critical success factor in the MAPS program. Goldbas detailed the transformative impact of this partnership: “Working with Growthspace allowed us to match our new managers with experts who could guide their development in a highly personalized manner. This not only accelerated their growth but also significantly enhanced their leadership capabilities.”

The Crucial Role of Managers in Learning

A significant takeaway was the vital role of direct managers in facilitating and enhancing the learning journey. “Their involvement ensures the learning is relevant and directly applicable, creating a more cohesive and supportive development environment,” Goldbas noted.

Implementing Agile Learning and Development Practices

The necessity of agile and adaptable L&D strategies to meet the evolving needs of the organization and its workforce was another focal point of the conversation. “Staying agile allows us to respond effectively to the dynamic nature of our industry and the diverse needs of our employees,” Goldbas stated, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in their approach.


The fireside chat with PayPal’s Kendra Goldbas and Growthspace’s Omer Glass provided an in-depth look at the impactful L&D strategies employed at PayPal. By focusing on critical career milestones, leveraging the expertise of external partners like Growthspace, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, PayPal demonstrates a commitment to not just the development but the empowerment of its workforce. This approach, deeply rooted in strategic, data-driven insights, sets a benchmark for impactful L&D strategies that other organizations can aspire to emulate.

For a deeper dive into the conversation, watch the full video here:

Erin Biehl
Erin Biehl
Over the past 20 years, Erin Biehl has led teams in the education, hospitality, and technology sectors, excelling in customer success and as a Learning & Development manager. In her L&D role, she designed a leadership framework and developed a comprehensive L&D program for a global company from scratch. Certified as both a DISC and change management facilitator, Erin merges her professional expertise with her academic background, holding a degree in education. Beyond work, her enthusiasm for teaching shines through as a group fitness instructor, specializing in barre and dance classes. Also, a proud mom to her son and two lovable pups, Erin relishes her family life in the beautiful state of Maine

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