5 Proven Growth Experts for HR Consulting

Jun 21 2023
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5 Proven Growth Experts for HR Consulting

Companies on the move need all kinds of resources to grow, and that includes the human type. HR consulting firms that specialize in growth enable dynamic organizations to find the people they need, when they need them. With decades of experience and extensive abilities, HR growth experts serve a vital role in helping successful companies to stay that way.

What Are Growth Experts for HR Consulting?

The word “growth” in business means increasing the size of your operations much faster than previously. All of the major consulting firms assist rapidly growing companies to plan for quick expansion. But for organizations that need specialized skills, a large staff, or both, it’s worthwhile to link up with a consulting firm that also has a major HR practice. 

In HR terms, these growth experts support major workforce planning initiatives. Here are the top five leading the industry today:

1. Bain & Company

Bain & Company was founded nearly 50 years ago. It has headquarters in Boston and offices throughout the world, with approximately 13,000 employees. It is considered one of the “Big 3” management consulting firms (the other two being Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey and Company). Among the services it offers is consulting for strategy, M&A, and marketing. 

It also specializes in supporting growth initiatives through its Accelerated Performance Transformation solution. By leveraging concepts such as Agile development and change management processes, Bain & Company assists organizations that are moving up rapidly. 

This includes HR services, in the form of its HR Function Advantage practice. The department helps growing companies through: 

  • Recruiting, employee development, and retention strategies
  • Advising for improved employee experiences
  • Increasing the efficiency of HR teams through digitization
  • Lowering costs through sharing services and automation  

2. Deloitte

Just as Bain & Company is one of the “Big 3”, so Deloitte is one of the “Big 4” accounting firms. It is among the oldest accounting companies in the world, having been founded in 1845. Deloitte’s operations are widely available and the company employs about 300,000 people. As an accounting firm, it is mostly known for tax, auditing, and other related services. 

Still, Deloitte has an extensive business consulting operation, including its Enterprise Performance branch which promotes its “Kinetic Enterprise” approach. This is a multidimensional consulting service which supports everything from location strategy to digital transformation, and promises to “turn disruptive change… into perpetual forward movement”.

Alongside the general growth consulting service is Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation practice. Deloitte describes this as a human capital support initiative that helps growing companies to plan:

  • Rewards and well-being programs
  • Leadership
  • Learning and career mobility
  • Workforce strategy, planning, and implementation

3. Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a firm that specializes in human resources consulting under the umbrella term of “organizational consulting”. Founded in 1969, Korn Ferry’s areas of operations are:

For clients that are in need of growth solutions, Korn Ferry’s Business Transformation services include a Workforce Transformation practice. Workforce Transformation assists clients at all stages of rapid change:

  • The company uses its Intelligence Cloud to understand market trends, competitor abilities, and strategic options. 
  • Korn Ferry then uses AI-based analysis to design organizational charts, identify skills, and define the upskilling/reskilling initiatives that are required to close gaps.
  • As a final step in the growth process, the company helps to motivate changes in culture and hire externally for important skills, then ensures that the organizational structure is ready for new roles.

4. Ernst & Young

Otherwise known as EY, Ernst & Young has been around since 1989. Like Deloitte, it is one of the Big 4 accounting firms. It is based in London but has more than 700 offices and 350,000 employees throughout the world.

Although it specializes in financial audits, tax, and advisory services, it also offers human resources and strategy practices. Combined, these abilities enable EY to accompany rapidly growing firms and advise them on HR strategy. 

Specifically, EY consults for human resources issues through three functions:

  • A consulting practice that develops strategy and includes a workforce advisory
  • A People and Workforce division for help with recruiting
  • A Transformation EQ service that uses predictive analytics to devise development concepts for employees during times of change

5. Accenture 

Despite the fact that it was only founded in 1989, Accenture has shown amazing growth, so by nature it serves as a top growth advisory firm. In fact, its motto is: “Let there be change”. It employs more than half a million people across the world and has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. 

Accenture started as a technology consulting firm but has expanded into virtually all consulting fields. Its HR consulting division makes up its Change Management practice, with a focus on:

  • HR transformation and delivery
  • Organizational modeling and design
  • Talent strategy and development
  • Leadership and culture 

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