Guide employees through role transitions

Set employees up for success after promotions and lateral role changes

Guide employees through role transitions

Enable faster, more effective onboarding

Ensure newly promoted managers and employees who transition laterally to thrive in their new roles with tailored, measurable onboarding and upskilling, tied to personal goals and organizational KPIs. 

With customized programs aligned to business metrics

For programs focused on newly promoted managers, we recommend a combination of expert-led core management workshops and 1-on-1 coaching focused on management skills.

For programs focused on employee transition to a non managerial role, 1-on-1 sprints with a mentor or coach that has hands-on experience in the relevant domain.

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Business-critical impact

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79% of participants are rated as ‘high-performing managers’

Career Pathways Increase

5+% increase in internal performance metrics

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Average ROI is 50x – 60x

I had a perfect match — a person who understands the industry, company, and my role within it. My expert was able to provide helpful tools and guide me to a more accurate position that I wanted to be in.”

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