Drive individual and team performance

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Individual and team performance

Meet the first platform that clearly demonstrates the impact of upskilling on business KPIs

We start with the organizational metric you want to drive (e.g. engineering velocity, sales conversions, customer satisfaction); then define the specific population or functional team. The next step is to define the desired outcome in order to create a program specifically designed to target the skills that drive this outcome.

Designing the right program

Typically, in order to drive individual performance, Growthspace will recommend a 1-on-1 program with a Growthspace expert, focused on the relevant skill. In order to drive team performance, the program will focus on team coaching or a combination of team coaching and 1-on-1.

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85% of managers report 17% + improvement in performance

Career Pathways Increase

Internal performance metrics improved by 5%

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Average ROI: $35k – $50k per participant

It’s the first program I’ve attended that focuses on real business needs.” 

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Growthspace is the first outcome-driven, personalized employee development platform.

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