Build Career Pathways to increase retention and internal mobility

Unleash your workforce’s potential with personalized career pathing initiatives that align with organizational objectives

Career Pathways

Create career paths to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Growthspace Career Pathways enables customers to leverage their skill & role taxonomy to implement employee growth journeys that align to the company’s terminology and culture. According to the selected career pathway, each employee will be matched with a Growthspace expert-specializing in the specific skill selected-for an outcome driven, 5 session sprint.

Prepare for future growth with skilled, agile employees 

Help talented employees grow into their next role with development plans based on the desired position and the skills needed to get there.

Enable HR/L&D leaders to keep top talent and form a strong bench of skilled employees who are ready for any challenge.

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Make a strategic impact with Growthspace

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55% successfully transitioned to a new role within 12 months

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90% stayed in the company 12 months post-program

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ROI: 8 points increase in HR analytics survey around internal mobility

Growthspace’s career pathway programs allow us to support our employees’ professional aspirations, all tied to our unique core competency model. Employees have the opportunity to upskill and reskill, working on the exact skills and behaviors needed to reach that next level in their career journey (whether it’s growing in their current role or for a new role at our company), and as an organization, we can easily measure the programs’ effectiveness.”

Dror Yaacobi, VP Global HR & Organizational Development


Growthspace is the first outcome-driven, personalized employee development platform.

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