Making employee development outcome-focused

Participation rates, completion rates, and satisfaction scores are no longer enough. Growthspace introduces an innovative way of designing, launching, measuring and managing employee development programs that consistently deliver clear results and measurable business impact.

It’s our way to help you get what you need out of your employee development initiatives and investment.

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Match every challenge with the best-fit solution

Because traditional L&D is a fragmented process, and relying on qualitative participant feedback to prove business impact doesn’t do the trick.

We believe employee development should be measured by its impact on the business.

Which is why Growthspace enables you to design, launch, manage and measure employee development programs that directly connect your initiatives to employee performance and organizational growth.

So that every GS program will focus on driving a clear business outcome (from attrition to OKR attainment to sales conversions).

So let’s get it working for you!

Reimagining employee development with Growthspace

Our platform empowers you to:

Develop multi-faceted programs for multiple needs

By choosing program formats that are proven to drive the business outcomes you need for each desired target population through individual programs, team coaching, internal mentoring, and group workshops.

Match the right expert to every individual or group

Drawing on our global pool of over 2,000 experts who speak 50+ languages and have proven experience across 80+ skill sets, our powerful algorithm will match the right expert to every individual or group for more impactful learning experiences.

Drive measurable business outcomes and impact

By determining KPIs and ideal outcomes before your growth programs start, and by collecting results during and after each program, you can generate clear metrics that show the business impact of employee development.

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Our goal is to help you build, launch and measure the best employee development program/s based on your organization’s specific needs and performance targets.

We’ll start by asking you some short questions about the target audience you are interested in developing​ as well as your desired outcomes. Then we’ll share some recommendations ​- L&D programs and formats that most closely fit your needs. Let’s get started!

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