• Announce your partnership with Growthspace.
  • Communicate its benefits for your employees and the organization as a whole.
  • Ignite excitement around participating in a growth program.
  • Align expectations on what it means to take part in a program.

Intro to 1:1 experiences for HR and L&D leaders

Explains what Growthspace offers, the benefits you can reap from using it, and how it works. Having your team members on board is a game-changer.

Introduce the program to and share its benefits for your employees and organization

Announce your partnership company-wide and ignite excitement around the growth programs. Use this opportunity to inform employees how it works and answer FAQs

Get participants and their managers ready to get started

Create clarity around the goal of the program and next steps

Announce and set your participants’ and their managers’ expectations of the program

For programs that involve participants’ direct managers, help both parties get ready for the alignment meeting, where they identify the focus area and skill set participants should work on to propel their growth and achieve their goals.

How-to Videos

Feel free to download and use these materials in your company and reach out to your Customer Success Manager for questions, feedback or suggestions for additional resources.

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