Change Management Process

What Is a Change Management Process? Learn what it means, different approaches to take, and how to implement a process in your organization.

Development Program

Learn what is a development program, why it’s important and how to create the best plan for your business and employee goals.

Employee Empowerment

Empowered employees are happy employees. Companies that do more than pay lip service to the notion of empowering their employees gain concrete results, ranging from

Employee Retention

Learn why employee retention is important and what techniques can be used to retain your top talent

Employee Turnover

Employee turnover has never been a bigger issue than it is today. With the advent of the Great Resignation, it is essential for organizations to minimize ‘quits’ as much as possible

Engagement Manager

Engagement managers don’t have an easy job. After all, employee engagement doesn’t happen magically. Someone behind the scenes has to put serious thought and effort


The HR world talks about leadership from sunup to sundown, yet we often forget the flip side of that coin–and that’s followership. Any successful leader

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the method by which supervisors, managers, and executives establish and improve the skills…

Organizational Design

Organizational design is vital to make sure that a company is prepared for current and future challenges at all hierarchical levels. For the process to

Organizational Development 

Organizational development (“OD”) attempts to improve an organization’s capabilities by coordinating the optimization of strategy, skills, structure, motivation, management, and assessment processes

Talent Development

How should organizations develop their most talented people? The first step is to understand that most employees have talents that should be identified and developed…